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Founded in 1980 as Virginia Business Services, Direct Data Inc. is now one of the largest compilers of new homeowner data on the East Coast. Our offices are located near the Virginia Peninsula in Gloucester with employees across 11 different states. Our employees go directly to the courthouse and gather data firsthand from deeds and deeds of trust (mortgages). That means fresher, more accurate data for you with no middleman!

We apply our experience and knowledge of what works in your industry to assist you in cultivating new, credit worthy customers. We provide the strategy and manpower to get prospects to your business quickly while they are still hot.

Our Goal
Quality, Freshness and Customer Service is our primary concern.
All departments work closely to ensure quality control. We strive to provide our customers with the freshest data in the industry. Fresh quality data plays a key role for any new homeowner marketing campaign to be successful.

Our customer service department provides personalized service to every customer or potential customer and is able to give counts and cost immediately or within the hour.

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